2018 National Chinese Music Competition

2018 national chinese music competition https://youtu.be/bOX5_UFs_vM + The 2018 National Chinese music competition. Hosted to celebrate excellence in traditional chinese music, and serves as an opportunity to discover hidden talents for the art. Be it throwing a remarkable performance on stage or those little moments backstage. Freyafilms successfully captured all the moments that matter. back to …

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Health Domain

health domain BoneBio Pro product video + BoneBio Pro is a health supplement from Health Domain. We were tasked to create a video to  showcase the meticulous process it took to produce this quality health supplement using the finest Chinese herbs along with extensive brewing hours. back to portfolio


honeywell stretch series https://youtu.be/ZoXqIsGgGiw + An ergonomic stretch series by Honeywell, created for internal use to help Honeywell workers relieve physical stress. The types of corporate videos we can produce are endless. back to portfolio

Samsung X Lasalle

samsung x lasalle https://youtu.be/5k8dnclV5S4 + Lasalle’s product design students were invited to reimagine an accessory that would highlight the unique form of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. For this design showcase video, our approach was to ensure an equal amount of spotlight between both the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and each innovative design these talented …

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Crusty’s https://youtu.be/4Hu-Z3yY0JQ + Popcorn, but Chilli crab flavored. Freyafilms brought this concept to life by filming b-rolls of actual chilli crab. Creating a product video that is both fun and impactful at the same time. back to portfolio


3m https://youtu.be/SByCuVYx43Y + 3M needed to get the word out to the community that their product is mess free and easy to use. 3M partnered with Freyfilms to create this interactive and engaging commercial that is sure to grasp viewers’ attention immediately.   back to portfolio


capitaland Capitaland Graduates Development Programme(GDP) video series + Capitaland wanted to show potential candidates what it was like to join their very own Graduate Development Programme (GDP). It was established to nurture promising young graduates for future leadership positions within Capitaland. So instead of explaining what the programme was about to thousands of young graduates, …

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Circles Life

Circles life https://youtu.be/RcaMTlRnons + Circles Life wanted to help customers celebrate their future savings by living the no-contract life. They surprised 2 lucky customers by delivering their contract-free Iphone right to their doorstep. Capturing this process with genuine shocked expressions was priceless.   back to portfolio


union https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtsYYTFktH0 + Union is Singapore’s top fuel provider of over 40 years. The goal was to accurately execute Union’s tagline, “Trusted by generations”. Generations meant years but the challenge was to compress it into a short 60 seconds video with great impact. Hence, our approach revolved around food as a good meal is what …

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